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Expention Program: The fomation of a joint-international R&D Hub(Under the leadership of Hokuriku)
 International Collaborative Development of an Integrated Eastern and Western Medical Model
Project Leader Ikuo SAIKI
Professor, Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama
Participating Research Organizations
Japan Toyama University, Toyama Prefectural University, Kanazawa University, Kanazawa University, Tohoku University, Tokyo University, Chiba University, Kitasato University, Keio University, Tokyo Women's Medical University, Nihon University, Health Science University, Tokai University, Kinki University, Toyama Prefectural Institute for Pharmaceutical Research, National Institute of Health Sciences, The Kitasato Institute, Tsumura & Co.
Others Peking University(CHN), Chongqing Academy of Chinese Materia Medica(CHN), China Three Gorges University(CHN), Fudan University(CHN), Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(CHN), Shenyang Medical University(CHN), Cantonese institute of traditional Chinese medicine(CHN), Beijing Chinese Traditional and Western medicine laboratory(CHN), Seoul National University(KOR), Pusan National University(KOR), Daegu Haany University (KOR), Bastyr University(USA), University of California-Davis(USA), The University of Arizona(USA), Chulalongkorn University(THA), National medicinal use material laboratory(VNM), Aayurveda senior laboratory(IND), Tradition medicine activation foundationIND), Hamdard University(PAK)
Program Overview
In collaboration with universities and research organizations in Asian and Western countries, we promote surveys/research on international standards for natural medicines including traditional medicines, collaborative investigation, exchange of the latest information, and human resource development.
In order to ensure international leadership and advantage in terms of the integration of Eastern and Western medicine and to establish an international research and development hub for the system to conquer Pre-Symptoms (situations between health and disease), we aim to conduct joint international research based on the integration of Eastern and Western medicine, exchange information on diagnostic and prophylactic methods for brain and cardiovascular function using natural medicines, and transmit diversified research information in Hokuriku Region to the world, in order to promote collaborative investigation of international standardization on natural medicines.

♦ Establishment of an international cooperation system / Coordination of collaborative research projects on the methods of standardization and evaluation of natural medicines
♦ Promotion of collaborative research on international standardization for natural medicines and evaluation methods / Personnel exchanges
♦ Coordination and verification of the progress of collaborative research
♦ Examination of international standardization and evaluation methods for natural medicines based on the outcome of collaborative research
International Collaborative Development of an Integrated Eastern and Western Medical Model

International Collaborative Development of an Integrated Eastern and Western Medical Model

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