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Expention Program: The fomation of a joint-international R&D Hub(Under the leadership of Hokuriku)
 International Consortium Program for High-Speed Bio-AFM
Project Leader Toshio ANDO
Professor, School of Mathematics and Physics, Kanazawa University
Participating Research Organizations
Japan Kanazawa University, Reserch Institute of Biomolecule Metrology Co.,Ltd.
Others University of Pierre & Marie Curie (FRA), University of Montpellier-France(FRA), University of Dijon(FRA), University of Linz-Austreria(AUT), Georgia Institute of Technology-Amerila(USA), Veeco Instruments Inc.(DEU)
Program Overview
We promote activities of the international consortium based at Kanazawa University to accelerate the international spread of high-speed atomic force microscopy (AFM) developed at Kanazawa University and the development of related technology. Integration of the basic technologies contributed by the institutions participating in the consortium and high-speed AFM technology is expected to enhance the performance and versatility of high-speed AFM. Consequently, it will be used widely in life sciences, extending into medical care and pharmaceutical industries. We also actively promote the mutual dispatch of young researchers and graduate students between Kanazawa University and the foreign institutions participating in the consortium and organize international symposiums on bio-AFM. These activities bring up young talent, so that they will be able to actively participate at the forefront of the international science community.

♦ Promotion of advanced research activities by international collaboration
♦ Promotion of international spread of high-speed AFM technology
♦ Development of technology for the application of high-speed AFM to life sciences
♦ Personnel exchange and training of young talent for international research activity
♦ Transmission of our research activities and achievements to the world

International Consortium Program for High-Speed Bio-AFM     International Consortium Program for High-Speed Bio-AFM

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